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Business solutions
Law services
IT integration solutions
Accounting and Audit services
Other services

Business solutions

Creating business plan

Establishment and optimization of organizational structure

Development of internal normative documents, job descriptions

Establishment of a company strategy

Establishment of a human resources system and strategy

Establishment of a salary system

Business analysis

Development of a growth strategy

Law services

Law support to legal entities and individuals

Preparation of contracts

Support for migration and employment services

Acquisition of patents and trademarks

Representation in court and advocacy support

IT integration solutions

Writing unique software for you

IT project management

Establishing Electron Document Management for your company

Problem solutions and support

Accounting and Audit services

Payment and bank documents

Tax returns and reports

SSPF reports

Preparation of company balance sheet

Income Statement

Salary calculation

Statistical reports


  • Logo
  • Corporate style
  • Brandbook

Other services

Project Management

Organization of events and forums

Logistic services (shipping)

Tourism services