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The enterprises plan to automate the work of accounting staff, periodic inventory accounting, depreciation of fixed assets, calculation of residual value, operations on e-invoices and invoices, obtaining various reports on synthetic and analytical balances, and a multifunctional desktop program with a detailed search system;


Cash Accounting

  • Cash Withdrawal Order
  • Cash Deposit Order
  • Advance Report
  • Cashbook
  • Cash register closure
  • Payment order
  • Bank statement
  • Exchange Rates, etc.


Inventory Accounting

  • Goods in stock during a certain period
  • Goods in stock after the sale
  • Goods receipt
  • Expenditure of goods from the warehouse
  • Nomenclature, etc.


The Accounting for Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets

  • Fixed Assets Base
  • Residual Value of Fixed Assets
  • Fixed Assets Depreciation
  • Revaluation of Fixed Assets
  • Internal Movement and Deletion of Fixed Assets
  • Intangible Assets

    Accounting for Materials

  • Internal Movement of Materials
  • Perishable Inventory Accounting

    Internal Movement and Deletion of Property



  • Contracts
  • Tax invoice
  • Vat declaration
  • Balance transactions journal
  • Enterprise balance sheet
  • Addition to the enterprise balance sheet
  • Financial results and their use
  • Incomes and expenditures
  • Balance summary
  • Synthetic and analytical reports, etc.