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16 Interesting facts about business

1. The car “Ford T” cost 265 USD in 1924.

2. Mobile phones cost 4195 USD in 1984.

3.  More than half of all ketchup sold in the world is “Heinz” ketchup.

4. Rubik’s Cube is the best-selling item of all time. iPhone is in second place.

5. In the first year, “Coca Cola” could sell just 25 bottles, but it continued.

6. A child who is starting his first year at school is able to recognize nearly 200 logos of different companies.

7. Almost all newspapers in the world are published in USA and Canada.

8.  The words "face", "book", "wall", "poke" and "like" are the registered trademarks of ”Facebook”.

9. tea is mainly grown in 5 countries – China (nearly 80% of green tea), India (mostly black tea), Shri-Lanka ( Ceylon, the birthplace of Lipton tea), Japan ( Exotic tea), Taiwan ( different green tea types).

10. The most productive day of a workday is the evening of Tuesday.

11. 90% of all restaurants be in the red in their first year.

12. Coffee is the second largest commodity in international trade. Petrol is the first one.

13. The names of products in IKEA are developed by a special program, and they don’t have semantic meanings. 

14. In the whole world drinks are the main income source for McDonald’s.

15. One million dollars in 100 USD billing weighs nearly 10 kg.

16. A Chinese proverb says: “a person who can’t laugh shouldn’t trade”.