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Why is it important to get legal help?

Article 1 of the European Convention on Human Rights emphasises respecting human rights and ensuring rights and freedoms. Article 24 of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan also emphasized the importance of human and civil rights and freedoms, stating that everyone has inviolable, inviolable and inalienable rights from the moment of birth.

Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights mentions the right to a lawyer as part of the right to a fair trial. Although this is mentioned as a right, in reality, it is always important to use the help of a lawyer. Because every event that happens in our daily life is regulated by law, and if we apply these legal regulations, we will prevent legal problems that we may face, and we can use the rights given to us by law more effectively and direct our lives in a more correct way. So, you can benefit from the rights granted to you by the Family Code in family relations such as marriage, divorce, property division, etc., using, the help of lawyers specialized in family law, using defenders operating in the field of criminal law, the accuser restores violated rights, the accused or suspected person has the opportunity to receive punishment at the minimum limit of punishment provided by law. Also, by taking legal advice, you will learn what actions are prohibited by law and what actions you should avoid. Lawyers specializing in labour law solve the problems you face during labour relations and answer your questions: they help you to prevent illegal dismissal, being subject to disciplinary action and violations by your employer, and slo inform you about the number of days of vacation you can take during the year, what working conditions are provided and other rights.

Nowadays, there is also a misconception that legal aid is a service that is needed only during court proceedings. However, when we say legal assistance, it is not only the protection of a defence attorney in court proceedings and arbitrations, but also legal consultation to answer your questions, inform you in various legal fields, shape your affairs according to the law, protect you from facing certain legal problems, and to be aware of your rights and freedoms.

You may need legal help even while going about your daily business. How? You buy bread from the market every day. But do you know that when you buy bread every day, you actually make a contract and enter into a civil-legal relationship? When you buy that loaf of bread, you think you're going through a simple process, but as the process begins, you're unconsciously making an offer or acceptance, agreeing to the terms of the contract, making a commitment, and entering into a contract, and at the end of the process, you may need legal arrangements such as dealing with expiration dates, payment obligations, and more. As you can see, every action you take is actually an object of legal regulation. Each action may create additional obligations and responsibilities for you or provide you with additional opportunities - benefits, etc. - established by law. To be aware of all this, you always need legal advice. In other words, it is always advisable to get legal help in every matter, and you can get the best legal help by contacting us.