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“IDEA Consulting & Solutions”: “We have a gift for you”

Celebrate New Year in Guba!

The competition announced by “IDEA Consulting & Solutions” within the framework of “Bakutel 2018” will give you a memorable New Year gift.

“IDEA Consulting & Solutions” company, which provides various services on law, finance, accounting, business, and IT areas under the slogan “We have an IDEA for you” invites the participants of “Bakutel 2018”, which will be held at “Baku Expo Center” to its stand. The stand is on the second floor of “Baku Expo Center”.

Company workers will inform in detail the visitors about their services and innovations during the exhibition.

You can get acquainted with the services of “IDEA Consulting & Solutions” on its website before the exhibition.

Besides showing company services to exhibition participants, it gives pleasant memory, a chance to get a New Year gift from “IDEA”.

The sponsor “Terra Travel”, a tourism company will gift the winner with the 2 night / 3 days and a 2-person hotel at Guba Shahdag Hotel.

Terms of the competition:

  • The contest participant must register on the contest page, which will be presented on the “IDEA Consulting & Solutions” stand using his/her e-mail till 07.12.2018 at 12:00.
  • After registration, the contest participant must affirm his/her participation with the confirmation link which has been sent to the e-mail, and in conclusion, he/she must get the registration number.
  • While registering, the contestant must write down his Facebook user address (for ex. on the appropriate field and put like on “IDEA Consulting & Solutions” and “Terra Travel” pages.
  • To ensure the transparency of the contest the winner will be chosen by random choice based on registration numbers given to participants using the world-famed website
  • If there is a participant who doesn’t confirm his / her e-mail according to the randomly selected registration number and doesn’t like the Facebook pages of “IDEA Consulting & Solutions” and “Terra Travel”  then the winner will be determined according to the terms of the competition based on the following randomly selected registration number;
  • The photos taken during the presentation of the prize to the winner of the competition will be shared on the websites of “IDEA Consulting & Solutions” and “Terra Travel” on social media pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The winner of the competition will be determined on the last day of “Bakutel 2018” (December 7, 2018). This information will be shared in advance on the Facebook pages of IDEA Consulting & Solutions and Terra Travel.
  • The selection process of the winner of the competition will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the travel company ( “Terra Travel”.