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Marketers and advertisers, in particular, think that you need to change somebody’s thoughts before changing his/her behaviour. They believe you can change their behaviour if you make them believe. That’s why the function of advertisement is to persuade people.


In 1897, Charles Austin expressed this opinion for the first time. Many marketers asserted this mindset in the twentieth century, but Rosser Reeves was the most well-known.  Reeves stated in 1961 that every brand must have a "unique sale offer" that is emphasized in all advertisements. This viewpoint is so widely held that many advertising agencies now refer to themselves as "assurance agencies".


However, the only way to sell is not to be convincing. Of course, by convincing, you can direct the person to a manner (to prefer the brand), but usually, this is the hard way. Because, the mind of a human is programmed to like its ideas, not accepting others’ ideas. Nobody wants to change his/her mind. Even children enjoy their ideas.


All successful brands follow different strategies. These are the brands that explain their benefits to people, please them, and do not change selling decisions for their brand, but rather first incorporate their products into consumers' lives and then develop positive thoughts about their brands.


The main goal here is to get your brand consumed. When someone purchases a brand, he or she begins to think and speak positively about that brand. Human concludes about manners being how right or wrong when manners are conscious or unconscious. After making a choice, tries to prove to himself/herself and the people around her/him that how good her/his decision is.


As a result, after consuming a brand people’s desire for that brand increases. Every user’s love for a brand and attribution of good features to the brand is associated with a supportive approach of the human mind in the research about the brand.


Huge brands become popular brands in this way without attempting to be liked.  “Experience is the child of action,” says Benjamin Disraeli.